How I know we we are meant to be Kings and Queens.

I couldn't help but notice, while you lay asleep on my chest, the way you fit against me There was no space between us. The light of all the jealous stars couldn't slip into the space between our bodies Fey, fiend, devil, celestials, and old gods would have looked upon us with jealous fury at … Continue reading How I know we we are meant to be Kings and Queens.


I will not be denied

I have found that the easiest thing in the world to do is lie to yourself. We lie about our health and we lie about our hopes and dreams. We lie down in soft sand and fluffy grass and lie about our place in the world. Know this: The voice in the back of your … Continue reading I will not be denied


Let me tell you something that I wish I had known years ago. The mental attitude that you approach a task with has a profound impact on your performance in that task. I spent lifetimes telling myself that “I can’t do that.” I spent eons slogging through mires and swamps of “I’ll never amount to … Continue reading Actually

Advice from the New me to the Old

The biggest piece of advice I think I could ever give someone right now is to breathe. There's a fire in your stomach that cannot be put out, and no matter how small, or how ashen your fire it can re kindled. Fire needs oxygen to thrive. Take time to breathe . Feed your fire … Continue reading Advice from the New me to the Old

What I wanted to say

"I love you so much." You told me. "I love you too!" I told you, but that's not the whole story. What I really wanted to tell you was: "I think the sun rises and sets in you, I think that churches should be built in your name and alters erected in your glory. I … Continue reading What I wanted to say

The night I made the Stars shake

Praise the Sun, I have heard Hail the Sun King, said an empire that never existed The Son of God is the only way, says old religious men   Yet when I walk outside at night And taste the algid air and feel the bitter wind All the stars in the sky, Suns everyone Have … Continue reading The night I made the Stars shake

I am not a main Character

Who taught us to be mediocre Who taught us that it was better to not to try than to fail Who taught us that we had to be born “The Chosen One” Who taught us that Arthur became King because a of a sword   I am here to say that they are wrong I … Continue reading I am not a main Character