I have seen perfection in human form I have seen intelligence given a body A body sculpted from power and energy A body crafted with care and adoration Whatever being created her knew during her making she was her magnum opus Her eyes where crafted from fire and stunning beauty Her hands forged from will … Continue reading Her


Why home isn’t a Place

I told her: "This is a town of mediocrity. Where ambition is siphoned from your soul and people who can't elevate themselves to the top choose to settle into the middle. This is a place where "not good enough" is okay and "almost good enough" is celebrated."   But then she showed me: The way … Continue reading Why home isn’t a Place

Boring Brown

"boring brown" she told me When she talked about her eyes "Don't you dare" I thought Don't you dare think that constalations and galaxies don't dance across your irises  Don't you dare think that Leviathans and krackens couldn't get lost in the depth of your eyes Don't you dare tell me that majesty and grace … Continue reading Boring Brown

If I could create a Star

If I could create a star I would take the gritty dust of the earth The salty spray of the ocean The titanic strength of the mountains And the faded remnants of old dreams   I would squelch it in the Sea of Fury And temper it in the Forges of Awe But it would … Continue reading If I could create a Star


Sometimes The things we want and need Don't come wrapped in one package Like we see in our dreams Sometimes Things we want Don't come in wrapping paper Sometimes They come in smiles And long nights with friends Sometimes The things we need Don't come in prescriptions Sometimes They come in ¬†quiet evenings alone And … Continue reading Sometimes

The end of a quest

I spent my entire life searching I learned to love people  I followed them to the ends of the Earth  And used my fire to dry the seas themselves And followed them further still I used my rage To pull the stars in all their glory down So that they could hold them And admire … Continue reading The end of a quest