Rain 2

   I looked over at you. You were sitting there quietly as warm soothing rain drizzled down upon us. You were still so beautiful. When we first met you didn’t want your beauty to show. You kept it hid behind a frown. We were sitting high up in a tree, in this rainy twilight filled forest that we wondered together. I thought quietly for a moment then asked you as you stared up into the branches above us.

   “why are we here?”

You looked over at me curiously, a soft glow in your eyes.

   “were searching for something” You replied softly but confidently. I pondered that for a moment as rain fell down my face.

   “what are we searching for?” I asked somberly.

You smiled at me, and said

    “were searching together, and for now that’s all that matters”.

It was then that I began to understand.


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