I’m walking through a wood, wondering solitary and alone. The sun is shining through the leaves and branches, bathing the wood in a golden light, yet rain was falling all around me. It was cool and calming, kissing my face and dripping from my hair and fingers. I could see no path, only the golden woods and the water from the sky all around me. I looked up at the trees, and could see nothing from between the branches. I only continued to walk, for I had no destination, I just walked through the rain, wondering for a purpose.

   Then I came upon you, lying in green grass against a tree, sleeping peacefully, rain running off your face and from your long hair. You were beautiful, perfection in every way, but when I awoke you, your beauty was marred by a frown, I asked how you had come to be here, and why you were frowning. You replied that you had always been here,  and then the rain had come, you told me how much you hated the rain, how cold and wet it was, soaking your hair and bare skin. I looked up at the branches again, rain dripping from my face.

   “It’s not so bad” I told you quietly. “It almost has a music too it” you replied grumpy, that you didn’t hear it and got up to be on your way. I asked where you were going, and you replied that you were going to get out of the rain until it stopped.
   ” you don’t like music?” I asked curiously as I followed you.
   ” I said I didn’t hear it, not that I dislike it.” You replied in an annoyed voice.

   We walked quietly for a moment, me trailing behind you, entranced by your beauty, in the golden light and crystal rain.
   “Where are we?” I asked softly, velvet rain dripping from my lips.
You replied that you didn’t know, and looked up grumpy at the rain.

I studied you curiously, in all your Beauty, and wondered why you hated this place so much.

“What are you doing here?” You asked me contemptuously without looking back at me.

   “Looking I suppose” I replied as  I held my cupped hand up to catch the clear, warm rain. Then I frowned. “The rain isn’t cold” I said aloud to you.
You turned back and frowned at me again.

   ” it’s freezing, what’s wrong with you?” You asked me heatedly.
   ” it’s warm” I replied calmly, I held my hand out to you, water still cupped in it “feel” I said cheerily.
You only snorted, turned on your heel, and walked away as I frowned thoughtfully. I continued to follow you watching you silently as you wondered. Then it dawned on me.

   “You’re looking too aren’t you?” I asked suddenly.
 You turned and looked at me, and odd look in your eyes. Then you looked down at the emerald-green grass.
   “What else can I do here?” You asked me quietly, a sadness falling over your face. I watched you quietly, you looked so sad and alone. I slowly walked over to you and said
 “ I don’t know, but I can walk with you” the words fell from my lips softly like rain, and you looked up at me suddenly a light in your eyes I has never seen before. You smiled at me, a beautiful radiant smile then you took my hand and we began walking through the woods together, hand in hand, and you said
    “Maybe you’re right, this rain isn’t half bad” and I smiled back at you, and we wandered.


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