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Content Rating: Mature

Empire2185 is about two characters who become the first two people ever to establish an empire that spans the entire world. The empire was established in the year 2185, hence the reason for the name of the series.  This series follows their adventures and trials ruling an entire world: experiences contacting other planets, alien civilizations, and generally trying to take over the universe.


Previous to these stories, a energy shield was invented that made bullets irrelevant. No other civilization has managed to create a projectile weapon that can break the shield. This has resulted in galactic warfare being conducted with highly advanced technological swords, shields, axes, etc.

These stories are NOT in chronological order.

(Think Sci-Fi Game Of  Thrones)

Random Stories

This category is where I put stories that just pop out, and I don’t rightly know where they should go. These stories can be extremely short. Very few will relate to another story. Browse this section at your leisure, I cant guarantee you anything genre-wise.